Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stormrage, By Richard Knaak

My faithful semi-existent readers, out of my love for you, today I decided to indulge in a little masochism and read the new book of WoW lore by our favorite author, Mr. Knaak. I prepared for my session with large amounts of chocolate, and settled down.

And oh dear god, the horror. The unimaginable horror.

If you thought some of his other characters were just a bit unreasonable, poor Malfurion blows them all out of the water.

Spoilers! Spoilers!

He just about single-handedly saves the world from the Emerald Nightmare, rescuing Ysera, awakening and purifying the entire world with a rainshower, all after mind-controlling Brox's niece to save him from the Nightmare Lord by cutting down his evil, twisted tree form with Brox's axe...

Are you lost yet? This book is one of the most confusing, bewildering books that I have ever read. Even now I'm not exactly sure of the plot. All I do know is that for the 10,000 years that Malfurion and our favorite moon priestesss were together, they never got married. Talk about living in sin. And of course, at their wedding, the red and green Dragonflights appear to bless them and the World tree.

The revelation that Xavius was the hand behind the Emerald Nightmare was interesting, however, and that the Nightmare was growing within the heart of Teldrassis also made sense. The tone of the night elven starting quests announces that, as well as the strange plant abberations that you'll find around the area. That's not enough, though, it turns out the ruby-eyed satyr has an even greater master, one that hides under the Maelstrom...definately an Old God, then?

However nice these tidbits of lore might be, the writing was....kind of terrible, actually. It was a boring, with a monstrosity of a plot, and a story that in the hands of a competent author might have been interesting.

As it is, it was a waste of 2 hours of my life.


  1. If you have not yet read "The Last Guardian", I insist that you must! It's by far my fave of the warcraft books.

    But then, I'm biased, because it was about Karazhan.

  2. Oh, I have the whole archive. I love that one too! Lord of the Clans, as well.