Friday, February 26, 2010

Hilarity in the Random Dungeon Finder

Story time!

I almost always queue with Pilaser and Tiglath in the dungeon finder, so they can get the benefit of my instant queues and I can be assured of both having a majority of the party and a healer/DPS that knows what they're doing. We find ourselves in Forge of Souls; not bad, trash is pretty light, bosses aren't very hard, and some good epics drop in there that Pilaser could use.

Upon zoning in, we find ourselves with a warrior and a hunter. They're both from different realms, and they both have names that aren't absolutely ridiculous, so I assume that we're going to have a pretty good run.

Everything goes well, up until we reach the room of death. 4 casters, in 4 opposites corners, vs. a bear tank that has no way of silencing=aggro hell. I type into party chat.

"Please only attack my target."

I charge. The hunter immediately opens up on the caster in the opposite corner from where I'm at.


The warrior, Pilaser, and I, proceed to burn down each one while Tiglath frantically works to keep the idiot hunter alive. When the pull is over, I ask:

"Hey, -Idiothunter-, why did you not attack my target?"

-Idiothunter-"If. You. Do. Not. Mark. I. Will. Not."

Ok. I don't know about you, but that pisses me off to even remember it. And apparently my beloved guildies agreed, because we votekicked that ***hole within the next 10 seconds. The warrior, wisely, said nothing.

It amuses me to think that someone refusing the follow the tank's instructions on a pull where aggro is difficult to handle has got the guts to try and call the tank out over not marking. I could have, sure, but I hope that attacking the mob closest to a giant pink bear isn't that strenuous of a task. And it was the FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT I. WILL. USE. PERIODS. AFTER. EVERY. WORD. that really made the red haze descend. I wonder if he didn't notice that three of the party members were from the same realm and guild and thus would OBVIOUSLY support each other.

Seeing "The vote to kick -Idiothunter- has passed." was extremely satisfying, however.

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