Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the Lunar Festival and Tanking ICC

Well, Eyowyn is on her next step to her violet proto-drake, but the Elder's a life-sucking excuse for a holiday achievement. There are 75 Elders scattered around the entire world that my poor little mage has to go chat up. And without a speck of gold on them, she has to ride her Moonsaber to every freaking corner of Azeroth to get the achievement.

I swear, only envisioning that 310% flying mount keeps me going. And even then, my spirits flaggerd after finding only aobut half of the elders of Northerend.

The part with Omen is cool enough, but Blizzard did a terrible job with the Lunar Festival.

Onto something my non-existent readers might find more interesting, I've tanked ICC a few times on Laia, as I've mentioned. It's fun; Blizzard did do a great job of making it feel like a huge citadel, filled with the shadows of a great man's descent into darkness. I've seen-


-the movie that plays after you kill Arthas, and it does touch my heart. I am sure many people disagree, but it was the last, tortured remnant of humanity in the Lich King that spoke his last words, those of a frightened little boy trying to cling to his father. I'm glad Bolvar still had a part to play- he is one of my favorite characters. The question of his intentions as a burned shell of a human is one that only Blizzard can answer, and I'm sure that they are going to drag out the waiting as long as they can.

I haven't ever tanked any other wings but the first, but I am looking forward to it. Laia is just shy of 5.2k gearscore, with 44k health, 30k armor, and about 43% dodge unbuffed, so I think that she'd be able to. I found Deathbringer Saurfang to be my favorite of the four fights in the first wing. The precise tank switching kept me on edge and concentrating intently throughout the whole fight. The ship battle was fun, too, but all I really did was pick up adds, so I didn't get to hop around on jetpacks. However, the idea of two goblin rockets strapped to Laia's furry behind left me giggling in my chair.

Lord Marrowgar gets my vote as the coolest version of Generic Skeletal Creature (TM), with his wheezing "BOOOOOONESTOOOOORM!" and the innuendo-filled achievement attached to him. Which I happen to have. Not a terribly difficult fight, at least to tank, but watching squishes run for cover is very theraputic. Lady Deathwhisper, on the other hand, is cofnusing to me even after putting her down, and I'm glad that the other tank usually instructs me when we get to her.

All in all, I like ICC. I can't wait to get to tank the other wings! And the Lunar Festival sucks.

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