Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Cryomancer Eyowyn Tidefire

"Greetings from the charming village of Dolanar. Fifteen-something Elders down, fifty to go. It's nasty, humid, and there's no good snow anywhere. I miss Northrend. So does Bubbles."

Liselle the Unbroken

"The Light of the Naaru is faint indeed in these lands. Villagers turned to savage wolfmen, terrible, barbaric acts committed out of desperation in these tangled woods. The Grizzly Hills have the shadow of old tragedy over them, but I will not be stopped. Nagasraka carries me well; her feathers are good camoflage against the snow. Be well, my friends."

Laia (Fang) Starwind

"Hmph. This is not unlike writing with the blood on my claws. Far less fun. Arthas' bouncer tastes funny. Like blueberries."

Talaia Blackpetal

"I rather like this holiday. Everything smells nice, and there's chocolate...oh, how I love chocolate. This dress doesn't show how fat I've been getting, does it? Heehee, if you tell anyone, I will rip out your tongue and feed it to the crows. Toodles!"


"The healing arts come easier to me now. The path of flame and blood, the screaming bloodlust, it is still an escape from the world. Loosing myself in the rage of the elements distracts me from all that I have lost. Keeping life within others that I love, however, is a duty that I must not forsake. One day, my vengeance for what has happened to the Draenei will come to pass; for now, I immerse myself in the mysteries of what the Krokul have shown us. Bright future and good fortune, my kin."

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