Friday, February 19, 2010

*Aspect of the Hare has critted Myheart for 13,450. Myheart dies.*

Way before I started blogging (which includes much of my life XD ) I would read Need More Rage, Aspect of the Hare, Big Red Kitty, and many other blogs faithfully, always much to intimidated by their sheer AWESOMNESS to ever comment. That holy trinity predominated over almost every other blog that I read. I loved them, felt a close kinship with their authors, and went back and read every post. Through their entire archives.

I get bored sometimes!

So it really struck a blow when Big Red Kitty hung up his Bestial Wrath macro and left us. I follow him as Brain Needed Space, of course, but it isn't the same. It's never the same as the old glory of that blog.

When Ratshag, whose glowing character RP I imitate in Adventures of a Casual, left the community as well, it refreshed that old sense of loss. The WoW blogging community had two brilliant members leave us, one for only a time, and one forever.

And now the last member of my Holy Trinty, the eternally lovable Pike of Aspect of the Hare, gave her readers this post.

I miss her already. And it is with all of my heart that I want to tell my fellow bloggers that no mattter what the people Gevlon call M&S dare to say about you, we readers will miss you when you are gone.

Don't worry, though, we will never forget you.