Friday, September 24, 2010

Kalesril's Triumphs

Hey, you thought I'd forgotten about you, didn't you? No sir, not me! I have news!

I kited my first ?? mob as a hunter! Those dang Sentinels need to get out of my questing zone! (and I killed her too!)

Kal and Hawky hit thirty, learned Feign Death (woot woot) and went hunting after Takk the Leaper. Earlier today, in fact, I found his nest, but not him, and got a Leaping Hatchling. These go for crap on the AH, so I decide that I'll probably keep it.
I immediately ran around Takk, but no luck. About four hours later, I popped on again, and what do you know?

Pay no attention to the weird guild name, they gave me monies :D But anyways, I went running back around the mountain where he patrols, and omigosh, there's a nest AGAIN!
So, I learn to summon one of the leaping hatchlings, and, extremely happy I left Hawky at the stable masters, Kalesril now has a rare pet family! Takk and his baby and her even posed on this hillside.

Now that's my newest alt :)