Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to train your PUG- Part One

It occured to me to make this handy guide to -hopefully- better PUGs. Without further ado, How to train your PUG as a: Tank!

Step one:

From the get go, start sucking up to the healer. Compliment his/her skills, call him by his/her character name, do whatever you have to so that he/she will love you and feel needed. With the healer, you control the party absolutely.

Step two: Ask the healer if they're ok with a speed run, if you're going for that. Start your mass-pulling, if the DPS are idiots or the healer can't keep you up, sloooooow down.

Step three: Be polite, but firm, with the lovely breed of morons in your group.

ex: Forge of Souls, during the pulls with caster spread waaaay apart.

"DPS the skull so that you don't pull aggro off me."


"You didn't attack my target."

"lol i did"

"Then why did I have to chase after the -insert mob name here-?"

"bc ur a fail tank"

"Ok. Last warning, attack my target or I will let you die."

"lol kk"

Noob ignores instructions, the healer that you've been whispering to doesn't heal him, and he dies.

"WTF man!?!?!?!?!111"

"You didn't attack my target, so you died."

"lol u suck **** u"

Noob has left the party.

And all together, in Party chat!

"Thank god!"


And you thought I was gone? Pfffft. Nevah XD

PS: Ratty is back! Go look at Need More Rage now and go through the archives. Ratshag is a genius.

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