Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to train your PUG- Part Two

How to train your PUG as a: Healer

Step 1a. If you are geared and the tank asks about mass-pulling, tell him that you're ok with it as long as he can keep the mobs on him. Tell the DPS that if they pull aggro off the tank then they aren't getting any heals if they do so. However, if its o0bvious that the tank is really, truly terrible, feel free to keep the poor DPS alive.

Step 1b. If you are not "geared" (I consider over 4500 gearscore to be a very well geared healer and an undergeared healer to be around 3000 gearscore) and the tank starts pulling more than you can handle, ask him to slow down and explain that you can't keep him up with the amount of mobs hitting him. If he keeps pulling and he dies, then it is no one's fault but his.

Step 2. Suck up to the tank. Together, you are invincible, and the DPS will bow before you or risk another 20 minute wait.

Step 3. Withholding healing is a powerful tool for getting DPS to do what you tell them. By the 19th time they die a terrible, fiery death, they will learn to obey your commands.

Step 4. Make note of the DPS that protect you. They get extra heals so that they will be encouraged to continue to do so.

Step 5. Read Righteous Orbs. It's on my blog list. Now.*

Step 6. If in a long dungeon that DPS are likely to get lost in while running back, just rez the idiots. It's faster in the long run.

Step 7. ???

Step 8. Emblems and precious minutes of your life probably wasted.

*Not exactly helpful in training your PUG, but he is a great writer.


  1. Step 9: Allow Righteous Orbs to comment on your blog to say thank you for the shoutout by going to settings and changing your comment settings to allow name/URL comments* otherwise poor Tam has to go through his life as Snottydin and it makes him sad.

    *probably alongside a word verification check to weed out spam.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry! Right away!