Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love is in the Daillies

Hi there, non-existent readers. Star Trek Online has seduced me away from WoW for the time (damn those Klingons) but not so much that I could forget my ultimate goal for my achievement main/ titles junkie, Eyowyn.

-Private thoughts last year-

I want the Violet Protodrake. And it WILL BE MINE. I mean, come on, a whole bunch of titles and a 310% mount to mock my guildies with? Excellent! Count me in!

What...almost every holiday is governed by the RNG? I can't get this last item for HOW LONG? THere's no way to get this other than luck?

No. Just no. I do not accept that you are taking my SHINY away from me.


Brew of the Month...meh....Flame Warden....god I don't want to do this!

But somehow I perservered. My awesomeness is probably part of that. Obviously. Ahem. So yes, this year I was determined to get my rime-coated hands on my pretty purple dragon. And the titles just started to roll in.

I went after Brewmaster with a gimlet glint in my eye and smashed through the daillies, forgoing the truly adorable pet so i wouldn't have to do another awful keg run. Hallow's End was far more stressful, but Lady RNG (Blessed be those that walk in her incalculable footsteps!) smiled upon her humble servant, and the Sinister Squashling was mine!

Winter's Veil was a lot easier, so far as I remember, the whims of our Goddess unable to touch me as I ran about making cookies and flattering dwarves that should really be on diets. But alas, fear struck my heart. Even Merrymaker Eyowyn quailed at the thought of Love is in the Air, the most horrifyingly RNG dependent holiday ever spawned.

And then Blizzard smote it with the Nerfhammer, and lo! There was light! Daillies, actually quite hilarious methods of picking up tokens and a mini storyline that I actually found interesting replaced the annual sexual harrassment scheduled for the guards of Azeroth. I finally had a guaranteed way to get all the things I needed for my acheivement.

So I went out and slaughtered bunnies. All's fair in love I won't say it.

Overall, a good holiday. The hearts constantly popping up got pretty annoying after awhile, though.

See you later, my non-existent readers!


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