Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stolen From Saniel of Primal Precision- What Wows You in WoW?

Well! I apologize for my silence..no, actually, I don't, because the dreadfully tedious business of RL has kept me from anything except sleeping+work for the past few days. So there. Deal with it.

With all due friendliness, of course.

-Random thoughts: Are you allowed to use emoticons in posts? Is that morally wrong, somehow?-

Well, according to Saniel (That's Saniel, of Primal Precision . On my sidebar. Go. Read.) Blog Azeroth has a shared topic up about your best moments in WoW. Or something like that. So, I obviously stole it from him and decided to post about it in the bit of spare time I have today.

Hmmm. What wows me in WoW...well...a lot of thing, really. The great, beautiful starlit forest in Teldrassil where Laia took her first steps. Seeing Stormwind City, then Ironforge for the first time. The creepy vastness of the Undercity. The time when Tiglath and I ran to explore the Tirisfal Glades at level 20. My first mount. When I hit 60 and was so proud of my little mage.

The time when just before TBC, I took a trip down to the Caverns of Time. AND IT WAS HUGE! And so pretty, and cool, and I wandered around for hours staring at it all.

The sun rising in Mulgore and the moon on the water in Auberdine. The first time Laia ever tanked a raid. The time I raid-lead Naxx because the leader had to leave (without ever having been there before). The time when the same thing happened with Ulduar, and we got all the way to Kologarn.

The first time I came to Icecrown and did it properly, all of the questchains and plotlines meshing together as one. The sense of ancient horror, hidden by the snow and ice, is so prevalent through the whole zone.

The harpoon-surfing quest in the Howling Fjord. Getting my Netherdrake. Finishing the Epic Flight Form questchain. Killing Lord Marrowgar when only 3 DPS and I were still standing. Going to the Black Temple for the first time. The time when Hiemalis got the Ironman achievement in Warsong Gulch because the whole raid pulled together to help her.

The Storm Peaks and the questchain with Thorim. Flying around a huge pinnacle, leaping from dragon to dragon with my spear in hand. The time that my guildleader on my RP realm stepped down and passed the reins onto me. When I first became an officer in that same guild.

World of Warcraft is made up of memories. Before you decide that Blizzard is out to get you, step back and take a look at a world of such beauty and all the memories you have in it.

That's what wows me in WoW.


  1. I love these posts - I must re-visit Northrend properly. I remember I just resent-levelled through it because I wanted to find out what wa waiting for me round the corner at endgame. Silly Tam.

  2. I love almost all of Northrend, but Storm Peaks, Icecrown, and Howling Fjord are my favorite,

  3. Aha! Someone doing a Shared Topic secretly! I'm going to include you on this week's Shared Topic compilation for the Twisted Nether blog, hope you don't mind!