Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cataclysm and the Shiny Things We Get at 85

In the spirit of having sore feet and an extremely wearying day, I've decided to run through the classes and showcase the new spells they will get at 85. Obviously, Mr. Ghostcrawler himself told me all of this, face to face.

Death Knights: Whispers of the Departed
10 Runic Power
Instant Cast
You fill the minds of your enemies with the endless cries of the damned, reducing their attack power by 1,500 for 30 seconds.

Druids: Nightmare Touch
Usable in All Forms
5% base mana, 20 energy, 15 rage 2 minute cooldown
Instant Cast
The power of the tainted Dream courses through you, inflicting a terrible curse on your enemy. The wild and chaotic nature of the Emerald Nightmare may occasionally pervert the spellcasting
(Curse silences an enemy with a mana for 5 seconds and drains 5,000 mana. Curse decimates an enemy without a mana bar, reducing their damage done by 3% and causing 10,000 damage)

Hunters: Elemental Shot
5% base mana 6 second cooldown
Instant Cast
The hunter channels the power of the Elemental Planes into a shot that inflicts (not unreasonably high number) frostfire damage.

Paladins: Zeal 10 minute cooldown
Instant Cast
Call upon the light to increase the critical hit chance of your party and raid members by 10% for 30 seconds. Causes Unworthy, which prevents recipients of the buff from benefiting from Zeal for 5 minutes.

Priests: Celestial Pillar 2 minute cooldown
2 second cast
Divine power explodes around you, knocking enemies back 20 yards while restoring 5% of your mana and increasing your spellpower by 500 for 10 seconds

Mages: Master of Magic 3 minute cool down
Instant Cast Passive Ability
The mage becomes one with the forces of Arcane, Frost, and Fire, increasing all damage done by 20%. This ability steadily drains mana, the rate increasing over time.

Shaman: Spiritsong 6 second cool down
10% of base mana
Instant Cast
Requires Active Air Totem
Waves of unearthly energy pulsate from the Shaman's air totem, causing 2000 damage per second to enemies within 20 yards for ten seconds.

Warlocks: Archdemon 10 minute cooldown
50% of base mana
Instant Cast
Channels the powers of one of the greatest demons of the Burning Legion into your currently summoned demon, increasing its damage by 500% and attack speed by 300%.

Warrior: Reaper 6 second cooldown
20 rage
Instant Cast
Instantly attack an enemy, doing 80% of your base damage. If the target is affected by Rend, this attack does 200% of base damage. If your target dies from this attack, you gain 5% of your health back.


  1. Druids get a silence! Bears can move casters!

    even if it is once every 2 minutes.

  2. As awesome as any or all of those would be, I call shenanigans.

    Source or didn't happen! :-P

  3. He made me promise XD I'm sorry.

    Also, the numbers are not balanced to how much health/armor/mana/damage we're going to be doing in Cataclysm. Ghostcrawler is still working on all that.

    I hope that was obvious, though XD