Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Hard to Pay Attention

I wonder about PUGs these days. "How could mankind fall so far?" I ask myself in despair.

Ego's replies really aren't suited to be read by the public.

You see, Tiglath went about pestering me until I agreed to run his baby shaman (Buccephalas, named after the Elekk of some great Draenei hero, I am told) through a few randoms. Now, you see, Buccephalas is a lowly level 72, so I expected shouts of astonishment from the lucky DPS that we were grouped with when they glanced over and saw my health pool.

But no. Not a word. No one said anything throughout the whole run (we got Azol Nerub) even when I charged in and took the first boss and his three guardians (and their attached trash packs) all at once. I tanked poor Anub'arak in cat form, for crying out loud.

Our next run, Nexus, was a little better. We got a hi, once.

A hi.


That's kind of awesome, right?

But, I mean, really? I try not to go about flexing my ego- I mean, I've met and worked with far better tanks. Sometimes, though, when you're running through Nexus non-stop with a horde on your tail, you want a little recognition, you know? A bit of praise, or a "Wow!" Is that pathetic of me to think?


Ah, well. It was pretty fun all the same.

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