Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soloing Northrend: Utgarde Keep

Are you ready, Internet?


A Note: I'm going to be doing all of these as a druid in badge gear, no outside buffs unless I'm wiping too much.

Utgarde Keep

Zone in, take a look around, and put up Mark of the Wild- this will be important later. Get in kitty form, hit prowl, and start weaving through mobs and patrols.

I'm not sure if you can stealth through the first two mobs. I forget about that useful ability until I was halfway through the forge room.

Either way, first pull: Root one of the mobs, change to bear, and kill the other guy. If you feel like you are taking too much damage, use Demoralizing Roar.

You can dodge and weave through the next room, easy. I marked the patrollers for you.

Sneaksneaksneak into the forge area. You have to kill the groups here, sorry. Root one of the mobs, go bear and eat them up. Remember Demoralizing Roar and don't be afraid to use your cooldowns if you need them.

The next group is exactly the same. Try and Bash Cauterize if you can. After them, we get to the stairs and the dragon room!

You can sneak through here and into the first Cullen's room very quickly. However, you do have to kill the 4 in front of the San'alyn. I rooted one and moonfired the heck out of another. Switch targets when the rune casters put their immunity shields up. Now, here comes the vampire boss. At first I thought, "No big deal. I mean, he can't frost tomb me."

Heh, yeah. That went well.

I can't see doing him, even at my gear level. 15 second stuns where you take damage and and keep getting beaten on, that happen over and over again, are impossible to handle solo. However, since he is low level, with MotW up you may be able to resist the vast majority of them. I decided to skip him and start prowling towards the next bosses.

You can sneak through here with no trouble. Be careful of the geists; they run really quickly.
After this, you reach the first (and only) mobs here that can detect stealth: wolfies.

Go up the stairs and, if you're lucky, you can dodge the patroling wolfie. If not, kill it. Up the stairs, and through the tunnel, you'll come to the next bosses. They are ridiculously easy to kill. Glyphed maul and swipe are your friends here.

Keep on stealthing. I didn't have to kill a single mob until Mr. The Plunderer after these two.
Speaking of Mr. The Plunderer, he's cake. Run out of the way of Smash and he goes down like

Grats on soloing Utgarde Keep! Next up, the Nexus!


  1. I love soloing content, and this series you're doing is right up my alley! Will be adding your blog to my list after work :D

  2. It's a lot of fun to go back and do "trivial" content; with no group it's not quite as "trivial"!

  3. By the way, I'm currently soloing the instance at this very moment and wiped once on Prince. The 2nd time, I had my PVP trinket equipped and it broke me free while the rest of his tomb casts missed for some reason. Depends on luck perhaps o.o

  4. Yeah, you can resist them. Tis was MotW is for XD
    Also I will post Nexus soon/tonight XD