Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Be a Semi-Successful Raid Leader-The Rambling Version

I've returned! I know you've mourned my absence.

I don't even want to talk about how the competition went (Clue: BADLY) so, onto WoW related subjects.

I completed my two weeklies this week with Eyowyn and Laia. As usual, Eyowyn's runs are a bit trickier than Laia's; the poor mage can't get a break.

For example, as I was merrily bounding along towards poor Razorscale on my Moonsaber, at peace with the world, some idiot in the raid offered a thousand gold to the RL if he would kick me out.

Goodness. I'm sorry, I tried to give a bit of instruction on Flame Leviathan. I figured; hey, it's a vehicle fight, maybe someone hadn't done it before? Apparently, it's heresy. The raid leader, Elune bless his soul, ignored him and we downed Razorscale with me 2nd in DPS. Wootness.

Being a frost mage is awesome. I laugh at the floor: you may hate me and my kind, cover yourself in poison, fire, frost, void energy, spikes, or erupt and send us hurtling to our doom, but with Blink and Ice Barrier at my disposal your days of terror are over. Really, though, Ice Barrier does wonders for minimizing boss AOE damage. Plus, Bubbles is so heroic. He stood water-torso deep in fire so I didn't have to stop casting.

Aren't yoooou the best elemental in the whole world? I wuve you, Bubbles!

Laia, on the other hand, sat about in Trade channel today, desperately advertising her services as a tank, until a priest threw me a whisper.

Snugglypriest: Hey, how about I join you and we form a raid?
Laia: Sure!

/invite Snugglypriest

Snugglypriest apparently had a lot of friends, since after about ten minutes of me screaming in Dalran we had a full group and were on our way to Ulduar.

Do you know how many whispers you get when asking for DPS in Trade? A freakin' ton, that's how many. And because I am a good and kindly soul, I felt obliged to sift through them all with, "Sorry, we're full."

Flame Leviathan fell within 39 SECONDS, restoring my faith in the fraction of humanity that knows how to use Pyrite, and under my polite instruction we finished off Razorscale. I had a druid volunteer to tank, and thus assumed that he was a cat throwing on the iron hide of a bear for the first time.

Then, I glanced over and saw he had 60k health. My goodness.

So, I threw on cat and he tanked Razor....and I totally forgot about Fuse Armor. So, it was to my shock that I noticed Razor was beating on my purple-furred kitty self.


I changed form and smashed survival instincts, frenzied regeneration, and barkskin while praying to the Lady RNG for a swift and merciful death. Happily, Razor keeled over before the Lady made up her mind.

So, what was the point of this post?


People like small words. And simple, to the point instructions. That's all you need to raid lead a PUG.

Good night!


  1. Lady RNG and I seem to have come to an understanding. She's usually very kind to me while I'm tanking in raids. In return, I'm not allowed to (excessively) curse her name as she crushes me *every time* I try for Midnight (Attumen's mount), the 2 mounts in ZG, or Rivendare's mount in Strath.

  2. The Lady RNG is a capricious and strange creature. Her moods vary with the day.

    Indeed, I too have found her favor, at least in part. My trade is that I will never see a useful item drop within ICC.