Monday, March 8, 2010

The Quest for Loremaster and Random Thoughts

Yup, that's right. Little Eyowyn is on her way to Loremaster, with Northrend done this weekend and Outland on its way. Of course, the old world is going to take the longest to complete, but that's what summer is for.

There are rumors it will go "poof" when Cataclysm comes around...and, as my devotees may know, I am a title fanatic. Plus, I can get Seeker with this too!

With a combination of threats, blackmail, and bribery I've coerced one of my dearest friends into playing again. She has a 60 mage and a DK, and sadly my resto/enchance baby shaman is just a bit too low to play with her. So, time to grind a few levels. My DK is high enough to group with her, but quite frankly, I loathe them. Plus, my shaman does more DPS, and she's 14 levels lower.

I repeat. 14.

-Some time later-

The commander in the Nexus squished me. That's just sad.

I'm soloing all these group quests and feeling awesome because I remember how hard they were at 80. Die, Sons of Gruul!

You know, once I had a goal in mind for this post. It went away. Too bad.

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