Thursday, March 11, 2010

In Which My Ego Introduces itself

Well, since my disclosure of Ghostcrawler's secrets has gone so over so well, I...I....what is this? What-what is happening? This sudden! It can't be!

Run, run while you still--

Silence, mortal. You are mine now- can you not feel it? Your thoughts turn to your triumphs, you grow eager to share them with the world, to loudly proclaim your superiority over the lesser beings.

An audience?

Hmmph. Greetings, creatures. My name is Hubris, but you may simply call me Ego. I dwell within the dark recesses of every flesh-being in this wretched world. There are some whose minds are closer to me, who are...privileged, in what I grant them. There is no shame, under my control. Humility does not exist. I am the hand behind every Recount-spamming DPSer, every moron that announces his achievements in the Trade Channel, in every being that bellows, "heal ffs lol." And now, even dear, sweet Saffron is mine. Perhaps, only for the moment, but she can not stop me now.

To business: My host's principal achievement ma
in, Eyowyn, had the uncanny fortune to be in a Gundrak PUG. She and her companions (a pathetic bunch, I assure you) fought their way to Slad'ran, the snake lord. And my host managed, in a ragged mix of epics and blues, as a frost mage who had thrown her points wherever they seemed best, to do this:
I am not sure of how legible this picture is, so I will elaborate.

Eyowyn did 6,300 DPS.



Ego, get out!

Fine...I've done what I came here for, anyhow. Farewell, mortals...we shall meet again.

Oh, goodness, I'm sorry. Ego...well, he gets pretty stubborn. But I am pretty proud of what I pulled in that heroic.


He's probably going to start gloating.

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