Saturday, January 16, 2010


I just had to say it, didn't I? I practically asked for a fail PUG, and boy did I get one.

The scene was Utgarde Keep. The time, about 6pm. The character, Eyowyn, searching for a last few emblems to afford some epic pants.

Now, before I go on, let me just say that both of the other DPS and the healer were perfectly lovely, sensible folk.

But the tank, oh the tank...

You see, when the five of us first joined our tank immediately left. And, I mean, WTF? It's Utgarde Keep, for crying out loud! Easy! Effortless! Come on!

So we wait another freaking fifteen minutes for another tank, and when a shiny, 5300 gearscore prot pally arrives, I have no idea of the horror that awaits.

How this absolute IDIOT got any gear whatsoever is a mystery to me. Aggro was a foreign concept to her. I found myself alternating between using my wand and desperately burning down the 2-3 mobs that would peel off onto the poor healer.

Maybe there was some rational explanation for how much she (or probably he) sucked. Maybe they were trying to bring about world peace and doing calculus with their toes while they were tanking.

But I really doubt it, since after a glorious wipe to the four mobs in front of the Prince, this idiot told me that she was drinking coffee when I plaintively wailed, "You have 5300 gearscore! How can you not keep aggro off of the healer?!"


Ugh. I need Aspirin.

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