Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I iz feral, hear me rawr (Part 2)

( 3 more days till the weekend! And I'm giving up and making this into a total RP post)

Laia Starwind's occasional companion, the cryomancer Eyowyn Tidefire, gathered the few people she had met over her travels into a guild called the Stars of Azeroth. This was a small organization, not built to facillate delving into the deepest, darkest caverns in the land, but to bring real friends together.

The druidess was the first to arrive in the mage's humble home, a fat, two-story building on the outskirts of Dalaran City (then under its protective dome). She made her way past floating looms and cloth that burned as the grinning human wove it, and settled down to watch the door.

Next to come was the night elven hunter, Idoneus Swiftarrow, and the grey wolf Shiloh that followed at his heels, grown larger and more savage than others of his kind by, as peasants would whisper, licking up the drops that fell from his master's alchemical experiments. He greeted her with a gruff nod and stood by the door as if uneasy to be inside for long.

Pilaser Stonebeard and Tiglath Lightbearer came in together, swaying slightly. Laia smirked at the pot-bellied dwarf until she noticed his outline flicker in the sunlight.

Eyowyn greeted the three of them with open arms, not even noticing the treant that craned its head in through the doorway and dropped Laia a wink with a wooden eyelid, or the blue-feathered mookin that ran in, tripped over the mage's cooking pot and erupted into a mass of flames. Laia laughed, and lazily closed her eyes.

It was safe here. She could rest.

But not for long. The next day, Eyowyn shooed the three druids outside with howled instructions to find her old friend a mace called the Earthwarden. It was an old weapon, she said, made by Neltharion long before her mother's-mother had been born, imbued with the breath of Ysera and Alexstraza before the metal cooled. It would keep the "tank", Laia, from falling under enemy blows when the druids sought Anzu, the Raven God, on their quest to learn the shape of an impowered storm crow.

Idoneus dodged the irate cryomancer and joined them, and together they walked through the mage's portal to Dalaran.

(4 manning swift flight form quests for the win! This all happened back in the good old BC days, when the four of us ground Steamvaults until it begged for mercy and the Cenarion Expedition gave me my shiny mace.

Ah, those were the good old days. Not really, though, I love being able to set foot in a dungeon without 4 months of careful preparation.)

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