Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A bit of RL and a smattering of Dragon Age

My faithful readers (yes, I see you, 1 follower. Be afraid. Very afraid.) I'm afraid that the mocking tones of Shimmer, the casteless dwarf assasin, when she proudly proclaimed "I was half--unconcious and I still beat them! How awesome am I?" (or something along those lines) have seduced me away from WoW for a little.

I beat Dragon Age before as my blood mage, Eyowyn, and plan to make a shapeshifting mage called Laia soon after Shimmer betrays and murders everyone in Fereldon.

You see, playing as an evil seductress who panders to her companions whims to get them to assist her gets old after awhile, since you really can't do anything openly evil. This is where Shimmer comes in, a lovely girl that cuts the throats of wounded soldiers and spits on their corpses.

I'd go on, but quite frankly I'm also a bit sick with nervousness over my surgery tomorrow. I'm getting my Achilles tendons lengthened, you see, and while I know it's a routine operation, etc, etc, I still can't bring myself to look forward to some stranger slicing open my ankles.

Anyways, see you tomorrow! I may be high off drugs, though....the medical kind, since my supplier is unfortunately out of town.


Kidding! Kidding! Sheesh.

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  1. I hope your surgery went well!

    A friend of mine had to have surgery yesterday as well.

    Get well soon!