Friday, January 22, 2010

The Titles Grind: Part 1

Titled Part 1 since I forsee that there will be several more stories of me and my obsession.

As I told you before, I loooove titles. Love them. And after staring at the helpful green bar that tells me that Laia is Revered with the Cenarion Circle, I simply couldn't stand it any longer.

That title had to be mine.

I yelled for a mage in Dalaran, got nothing, and resigned myself to the twenty minute flight from Darnassus to Cenarion Hold.

Tiglath, obligingly, hopped on his baby mage and found me, glaring at the flight master in Ru'theran Village, to offer me a portal at no charge.

Have I mentioned I love my pet pally healer dearly? Then I will now XD

After a short, comfy griffon ride to Sithilus, I settled down in my usual farming spot, just northwest of Cenarion Hold.

And there I stayed for the next 2 hours.


  1. one of these days i'm going to buckle down and get exalted with cenarion expedition.

    I got cenarion circle when working on loremaster...

  2. I have a fondness for inappropriate titles - I think I'm currently sporting Merrymaker Tamarind, as he is the least merry maker I have ever seen in my life.

    Also I admire you modesty but I think there's a paragraph mssing from you post. It's the one that goes: "AND AFTER A MERE TWO HOURS OF SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS IN THE NAME OF THE BALANCE THE TITLE WAS MINE, MWAHAHAHA, NOW ONLY 2402 TO GO!" + screenshot of you guardian Cenarius (and why does he need so many damn guardians, huh? Can't he look after himself) ;)


  3. If only I earned that grats...unfortunately, the title is not yet mine :( /sniff

    And I've lost my screenshot folder on this new computer, so WE SHALL SEE if you get pictures.