Monday, January 25, 2010

T'kela the Stormbringer, Priestess of the Loa and Once-Clanmother of the Stormrocks

'ey dere, mons? Whatcha be doin' comin' ta see old T'kela?

Some 'a ma old buddehs tell ya 'bout meh? I know more 'bout da Loa dan any otha monessa alive, dis I can promise ya. But you nat be knowin' much 'bout dem, I be tinkin'.

The troll grins at you, the firelight catching the tattoos of flames that circle her wrists.

I know dere names, ja, and dere spheres of influence, da tales and da legends dat go back ta da time o' our great empire! I 'ave seen dem with mah own eyes, seen Samedi, Raven Goddess 'a da Aftahlife, take the dying under her black wings, seen the hoofprints of Lukou, Deer God 'a Life.

Perhaps I teach ya, ja? I tell ya 'bout da Loa?

She laughs.

Nah, ya a big, strong, adventurer type! Yah ain't got time fah a monessa's teachin's. Tell ya what, I'ma just give ya dis...ya wanna know more, yah seek me out. I ain't leavin' dis place aneh time soon.

The troll woman fishes out a crumpled, water-stained scroll and tosses it in your direction.

Spirits be witcha, mon, and Dambala nat touch ya.

Curious, you open the scroll. In bright, bold letters, T'kela's clear hand reads:


Shirvallah, the Tiger
-Domain/Trait: Ruthlessness
-Symbol: A claw that's dripping blood

Bethekk, the Panther
-Domain/Trait: Stealth
-Symbol: A moon, with some stars inside the crescent

Kimbul, the Lion
-Domain/Trait: The Wild and The Hunt
-Symbol: A pawprint on a leaf


Hir'eek, the Bat
-Domain/Trait: Speed
-Symbol: Three zig-zagging blue lines

Hethiss, the Snake
-Domain/Trait: Agility
-Symbol: A small snake

Shadra, the Spider
-Domain/Trait: Cunning
-Symbol: A spider's web


Lukou, the Deer
-Domain/Trait: Healing and Respite
-Symbol: Sunbeams

Ogoun, the Wolf
-Domain/Trait: War
-Symbol: Two crossed swords

Ezili, the Dove
-Domain/Trait: Love, Beauty, and Dreams
-Symbol: A crescent moon


Har'koa, the Leopard
-Domain/Trait: Motherhood
-Symbol: Spots

Rhunok, the Arctic Bear
-Domain/Trait: Strength
-Symbol: A huge pawprint

Mam'toth, the Mammoth
-Domain/Trait: Endurance and Stamina
-Symbol: A cluster of rocks

Akali, the Rhino
-Domain/Trait: Brute Force
-Symbol: A rhino's horn, curving upwards


Ro'naeja, the Crocolisk
-Domain/Trait: Tenacity
-Symbol: A scale

B'klarna, the Seal
-Domain/Trait: Ice
-Symbol: An icicle

Jhafna, the Crab
-Domain/Trait: Willpower
-Symbol: A crab's claw

Aqi'kan, the Shark
-Domain/Trait: Cruelty
-Symbol: A shark fin in water

T'jenta, the Frog
-Domain/Trait: Mobility
-Symbol: A small tree frog

Hinsa, the Fish
-Domain/Trait: Generosity
-Symbol: Small fish with three bubbles at the mouth


Quetz'lun, the Wind serpent
-Domain/Trait: Magic and Vengeance
-Symbol: A glowing rune

Mueh'zala, the Vulture
-Domain/Trait: Death
-Symbol: A skull

Samedi, the Raven
-Domain/Trait: Cemetaries (Peaceful Resting of the Dead)
-Symbol: Three black feathers

Shango, the Eagle
-Domain/Trait: Storms
-Symbol: A lightning bolt


Note: These are other names for the Loa held captive in Zul'Aman.

Ata'latki, the Dragonhawk
-Domain/Trait: The Element of Fire
-Symbol: Flames

Ina'aeri, the Eagle
-Domain/Trait: The Element of Air
-Symbol: Lines representing a gust of air

Tedra'no, the Brown Bear
-Domain/Trait: The Element of Earth
-Symbol: A tree

Hy'nakra, the Lynx
-Domain/Trait: The Element of Water
-Symbol: Water


Dambala, the Scorpid
-Domain/Trait: Treachery
-Symbol: A scorpid's stinger

Zanza, the Owl
-Domain/Trait: Wisdom
-Symbol: A scroll

Raen'elda, the Rabbit
-Domain/Trait: Purity
-Symbol: A snow-white flower petal

Baladaezor, the Dragon
-Domain/Trait: Bravery
-Symbol: The head of a dragon, color depends on your particular skills.

Geres'tek, the Tortoise
-Domain/Trait: Time and Aging
-Symbol: An hourglass

At the very bottom of the parchement, there is her swirling signature, and a drawing of a lightning bolt striking a pool of water.

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