Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hi there.

Welcome to Adventures of a Casual. Grab some conjured Mana Pies, take a seat, and enjoy the show.

This blog is about my adventures in the sprawling World of Warcraft, primarily with my two mains, Eyowyn and Laia. No comments about their spec and gear, please, especially with poor Eyowyn, who I'm still trying to gear. If you want to be helpful, sure, but if you want to be an asshole, I will take offense.

If you came here expecting a long dissertation on, maybe, then you're going to be dissapointed. I'm not very sorry for you, after all, you're not the person I particularly want to read my writing.

Anyways, I am a very causal player in a guild made up of only 5 accounts with 80s, a guild that is composed only of my RL friends and family. I'm the leader, obviously, Star General Eyowyn.

We have arena teams called the Two Stars of Azeroth, 3 Stars of Azeroth, and so on. We suck.

My mage is my achievements and rare mounts main, currently chasing after a Violet Proto-drake on the wings of her nether drake, who I call Veranaku, or Lavender if I'm feeling sleepy and/or high off chocolate.

She piddles about, doing the odd heroic or two with her water elemental, Bubbles, while Laia goes and conquerors raids. I've clawed up the Deconstructor in Ulduar, put Anub'arak down AGAIN in the raid version of the Trial of the Champion, and shed bitter bear tears after Deathbringer Saurfang went down. Obviously, I have no real raid experience whatsoever so take any further opinions on them with a large grain of salt.

Since this is my blog (or at least, that's what blogspot tells me) I will probably include my alts at some point, too.

Need any more Mana Pies at this point? Eyowyn's specced Conjuring.

For information about me, I love all sorts of computer games, just beat Dragon Age with a mage called (guess what?) Eyowyn, write frequently and read even more often than that.

I read many, many WoW blogs, which I will happily link in some form whenever I figure out how to.

Now, a question for you, non-existent readers, is there any way I can promote this shoddy piece of the Internet? Any way to alert the esteemed Big Bear Butt Blogger that I exist?

No? Oh well, see you tomorrow.


  1. Don't worry, I clicked over to BBB's blog from the link on your sidebar so soon enough he'll probably check his referrals and swing on by...

    ...assuming he's like me, that is, and is OCD about where their site hits come from...

    *shifty eyes*

  2. OMG! PIKE!

    /falls to knees, bowing

    I honored.