Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Achievements that I'd love to get

As you may have noticed, Laia is my "Smash bosses into bloody pulp!" main and Eyowyn is my "Oooh! A fluffy bunny!" main.

Now, while Laia has her shiny Champion of the Frozen Wastes title and is working on Guardian of Cenarius (since,as I explained before, I ground all the way to exalted with the Cenarion Expediton to get my beloved Earthwarden), Eyowyn is the one with 20plus titles. Ambassador, Crusader, of (insert capital city here), and all but 3 of the holiday ones as well. She has Stinker and could get an Albino Drake if I ever decided to spend that much money on a sort of ugly-looking mount.

You see, I am a title fantatic. I like having titles that really suit my characters.
Champion of the Frozen Wastes is pretty good for Laia, but I'd love Primal Laia or Laia the Primal. Explorer Eyowyn is what I usually go with for her.

But there are more titles that I'd love to have. And, in order from GIMME to YES PLEASE, here they are!

1. Loremaster Eyowyn- Since I am a WoW lore geek...would be perfect
2. Eyowyn the Seeker- About as good as the above
3. Eyowyn the Exalted- 40 exalted reps, thank you Keri :)
4. Eyowyn the Insane- Because it's awesome
5. Astral Walker Eyowyn- Impossible, but sounds cool

And, if I could make some for her...

1. Eyowyn, Daughter of the Violet Citadel
2. Eyowyn, Hand of the North
3. Eyowyn the Obsessed
4. Cryomancer Eyowyn
5. Archmage Eyowyn

Laia would be...

1. Savage Defender Laia
2. Shifter Laia
3. Laia, Champion of the Wilds
4. Fanglady Laia
5. Primal Laia

Dearest non-existent readers, feel free to make up a title or two for yourself. Your title can say a lot about you or your character. Edward the Immortal would be a great example.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Kaethir the Bear
    Kaethir the Tree

    To be worn when performing the associated role.

    Not very original, maybe, but I think it'd be funny.

  2. 3. Eyowyn the Exalted- 30 exalted reps, right?

    Umm, 40, actually.

    I've always wanted a Lord/Lady title, although I've no idea what you could assign as a task to achieve.

  3. 40? Thank you :)

    Lord/Lady would be nice, as well, although what makes sense to me is to simply require exalted with your home faction, that may be too easy.

    @ Kaethir

    Simplicity is best, right?