Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have a belf hunter! Her name is Kalesril, which means "Dragon of the Elves" in Drow.

Yes. Yes, I know. Bite me, I have a D&D supplement.

Anyways, I made Kal back at the start of BC, and left her to languish at level 12 for something along 2 years now. At the urging of the two super hunters of SoA, I decided to go revisit the old girl.

It's really fun, surprisingly. I really enjoy the hunter/pet relationship, so naturally I made her BM and started putting points towards making my dragonhawk awesome and smexy. Hawky is already pretty awesome and smexy though. Whooo's a gooood little impromptu 5man quest tank?

She's great fun to play, especially decked out in Hiemalis' heirloom, enchanted gear. Did you know you get Aspect of the Viper at level 20? And disengage!

I fall off cliffs a lot with disengage :D

Now, everything I've read suggests that I should go get a wolf pet, because wolves are filled with win and coated in winsauce and dragonhawks are cunning pets and thus jacks of all trades and masters of none.

But what, might I ask, is cuter than a red and gold dragonhawk? Nothing, that's right.

Magtheridan/Gruul's Lair next Sunday!


  1. I always loved leveling hunters, they're so much fun!

    And I'd say go with the pet you enjoy, it doesn't really matter all that much. If I was to go for anything it would probably be a tank pet to hold aggro better, with more stamina etc. A wolf does a lot of dps but doesn't hold threat as well. But if you like your dragonhawk, I'd stick with that :)

    I used a lion myself, it wasn't the best tank but it was black and cool and I loved it :P Good ol' Oberon, how I miss him.

  2. I nicknamed him Hawky. That says it all :D

    I went and tamed a nice looking golden wolf, too, but I think my heart remains with Hawky!

    I'm probably going to name the wolf Wolfy or something...