Friday, July 16, 2010

On Shaman Tanking, Stories, and Randomness

Hiemalis hit 71, yay for everyone. Heroism is sexy. She's doing a nice 1.4k DPS on boss fights with her cooldowns. I think I'm going to tipetoe off the deep end and make her a shammy tank.

Yeah, you heard me. Be AFRAID.

Healing Northrend dungeons is interesting, and a LOT harder than I thought. I've only had 3 successful runs-2 in UK, 1 in Nexus. I'm starting to really like group/raid healing as opposed to MT healing. I imagine myself as running around and handing out bandaids. Heroic!

Liselle, my warrior, is 78 today, slowly creeping up on that dreaded time when I'll have to gear up the poor girl. Warrior tanking scares me--it's considerably harder than Bear.

The Stars have Kara tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. Sadly, our super hunters, Taillie and Morkerron, can't come D: Of course, the last time we did it we 4manned anything is better than that. Outland Raider, here we come!

Eyowyn is 8 emblems away from a new trinket, woo-hoo! She'll finally break 5.5k gs! Her DPS is crazy as arcane, I tell you. I keep begging our resident druid for innervate so I can keep doing AB spam.

My writing contest entry is going well. I'm at about 5000 words, and I've decided to change it fairly significantly, yay editing. I have to think of a title soon...hmmm...

If you were to write a backstory for a vengeful, 200 year old draenei shaman, what title would you give it?



  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    I'm going to try bear-tanking in a bit. I find it quite scary ;)
    As for a title...mmm something like: Raging storms... ?

  2. That's so close to my original title!

    /looks about for cameras

    As for bear tanking, you want to macro maul with all your other abilities, grab the glyphs of maul, frenzied regen, and survival instincts, and finally, spam your macroed swipe/maul button for AOE aggro.