Friday, April 9, 2010

Soloing Northrend: The Nexus

*waves all 'round*

The Nexus

It's a heck of a long flight to get here. Seriously. Get a book or something.

I do think, however, that Coldarra is very pretty. See, here's Laia swooping in on Shatterscale!

Zone in and buff thyself, young druid. The creepy masquerade mask is optional.

Go kitty, hit prowl, and take the first left. The patrolling Azure Warders/Magi can detect stealth, so hug the walls.

Hang on...he's awfully tough....

Oh. Heh. Make sure it's not on heroic. Even on normal, he managed to find me, though. Remember, skinners, you can skin almost everything here. I got several stacks of leather.
Now, it's time to sneak past the patrolling mage and his pack of dogs. And guess what? they detect stealth too. Wait in an alcove for them to pass you, then you can avoid them without aggroing.
The doggies may turn to growl at you in the alcove, but you're perfectly safe. Next is the Room of Way Too Much Air Conditioning.

These are all very easy to stealth by, but we want the boss, don't we?
If you are very, very careful, you can get right behind and tank him and his adds against the wall.
Kill the priests first. Spam Mangle with Berserk up and they should crumple like paper.
Got him! Unlike his heroic counterpart, though, Mr. Horde Commander only drops a green. Pathetic.
Sneak out of the Room of Way Too Much Air Conditioning, past another set of patrolling doggies and up a short tunnel. They aggroed on me, though :(
Now, we're in the YMCA-Young Mage's Club of Azeroth.
They're all a bit high off of all the latent magical energy, so they are quite easy to sneak past. Even the bodyguards to Miss Telestra's "Private Area" aren't very alert. Get behind the Grand Magus, and begin the process of clawing her into tiny shreds. You can strafe to avoid Firebomb, but it's really not necessary.

Chew on her until she splits, then burn down the copies: Frost, Fire, then Arcane. You can even heal up a bit while she's reforming. Also, I would save can avoid her guards, but you might get thrown into them when she does her Nether Chains thingy.
After that, tiptoe out of the YMCA and down another corridor, complete with another set of patrolling doggies. This corridor is extremely wide, so the dogs should be easy to avoid.
Now we come to the Cavern of Ten Thousand Sparkles.
You can stealth past everything here, as long as you are careful to give even the scrawniest mob a respectful berth. Beware of falling off the edge like I did.

Prowl your way up to Anomalous. The portal thing might shock you-run up the ramp a bit and Shadowmeld (or kill them). Enjoy the scenery. Then kill Anomalous- he does a good bit of magic damage, but swipe, glyph of maul, and berserk will slaughter the portals.

I advise taking the long way down-you might not make the jump while Prowling. Turn left, then go straight ahead, past the mana elemental and group of dragons, and into the Woods of Glowingness. The little trees here are EXTREMELY annoying, but they can be avoided.
Go all the way to Ormorok and squash him. He can reflect Faerie Fire when Spell Reflect is up. Drag him up into the icy tunnel to avoid having to kill his guards. Also, try to not get hit by ice spikes-you'll take 8000 falling damage.
Now, it's only a matter of prowling to poor Keristraza's room. You need to kill the patroller in there- he can detect stealth. So can the guards in the adjacent hallways.
Final boss time! Hop like a freaking madman, here, and shift out and immediately back into bear to break Crystal Chains. You're going to be taking a considerable amount of magic damage-consider using barkskin and any trinkets you have. Survival Instincts+Frenzied Regeneration should be saved for a serious emergency. (Actually, I lied. I barely lost 4,000 health :D )
There you have it! Good luck on your solo journey!

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  1. I laughed entirely too much at the naming convention of those rooms XD