Monday, April 12, 2010

Soloing Northrend: Azol Nerub

EDIT: Pictures aren't working on this post. I'll try to get them up as soon as possible.

Here we go again!

Azol Nerub

I've always found AZ to be particularly beautiful. The lost remnants of an ancient, eight-legged civilization and all that. Unfortunately, now that it's fallen to the Scourge, it's time for me to break out the bug spray and go spider squashing.

The first pull is simple. One caster, one melee. I hate the Webspinners (that web is a nightmare like Keleseth's ice blocks) so they're going to die first.

Be warned. Without a party, that web wrap in an unbreakable 9 second stun. It can be lethal.

Kill the spinner, then the skirmisher, then the warrior at the entrance to the Azol Nerub Baggage Check.

On Krik'thar's groups, just follow the basic pattern of taking down casters, melee, DPS, warriors, and then the bosses with AOE. There is not much time to eat between waves, but a quick Tranquillity can help if you are at critical health.

Edit: If there are no webspinners, kill the bosses first. They can web you too.

Krik'thir himself is cake. Swipe the adds, bash Mind Flay, and he's down.

Now, tiptoe into room of Spidery Spiderful Spiderness. Don't fall off the bridge unless you want to get eater by Anub'ar crushers. I don't advise using the cheat to despawn the mobs. They'll start coming back before you can kill Hadronox, since your bear DPS is fairly low.

Don't stand in poison. Put abolish poison up know, she poisons you. Wait for her to kill the adds first. She's fairly easy.

Now ruuuuuun down the ramp and jump in the hole. Smashing the spiderlings is optional, but highly therapeutic.


Hop out, dry yourself off, and lumber over to Anub'arak's two special friends. Scary, aren't they?

Haha :D Keep scurrying down the path, and sneak into the Tiny Circular Platform Suspended In The Middle Of A Huge Cavern But Yet You Can Still Apparently Burrow Through It Without Falling To Your death. TCPSITMOAHCBYYCSABTIWFTYD for short.

Because I mean, really, if you're burrowing in there you're essentially stuck inside a giant soup bowl. And when you're a massive mutant spider thing, that's going to be hard to maneuver in. However Anub'arak does it, this fight is still a dificult test of endurance. Dodge every single Pound, without question. You'll need the health for the add phases. Swipe will take care of the little adds, while focusing fire on the big ones will bring them down fairly quickly. This is a tough fight. You may wipe once or twice. Don't get hit by spikes either.

Thank you for reading! Next up.../drumroll...Ahn'kanet!

Oh you know you want to watch me start screaming in horror :D


  1. Wait... wha! I didn't think this was possible to solo O_O Much love for this!

  2. :) Me neither...I expected the first guy to kill me. Those packs are rough, though, I had to use tranquility and eat between them.