Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Arguement For Going Frost

Taking a short break from my Soloing Northrend series, I feel that it is time to defend my most beloved character's spec.

Now, every mage worth her salt is familiar with the common assumption that Arcane is the king of specs, followed by Fire, and very, very, VERY distantly by Frost. In fact, other classes think this way too.

"LFM ICC10 whisper with class and spec"
"Hey there. I'm a mage, about 5k gearscore and 5-6k DPS, specced frost with Replenishment."
"lol no"
"Why not?"
"frost DPS sucks go arcane"

This infuriates me. My DPS is fine--I probably don't have enough gear for ICC, not yet, but I know what I'm doing and can do far more as frost than arcane. I did, actually, respec one afternoon,and performed the 4x arcane blast, arcane missiles when barrage procs, and that...other, shiny spell to clear stacks if I hadn't gotten a proc.

I ran out of mana in what felt like a few seconds and did a steady 3k DPS. Frost, on the other hand, goes on forever with inspiration and a low-mana frostbolt, plus I usually spec to get arcane concentration, which gives me a free spell fairly often. Frostbolt is also the fastest non-instant mage spell (correct me if I'm wrong) and I usually have an insanely fast cast time when everything decides to proc at once.

Frost's rotation is also easy to learn. Hit frostbolt. Again. Again. Again. Again. Fingers of frost procs, and you hit it, then hit it again and slam deep freeze just as the second finishes casting for a huge crit. Weave brain freeze procs in with frostbolt when you can, especially when you have the two-piece Tier 10 set bonus, which gives us another 12% of that delicious haste.

Frost also gives you the biggest crits of, dare I say, any class. I've gotten Deep Freeze crits up to 30,000 damage. Yes, that's right, that's damage from an instant spell. And let me tell you, seeing those numbers pop up feels pretty amazing. I'm sure that mages with better gear would see even more mouth-watering numbers.

So I call out to you, mages of the world. Give Frost a chance.

Or I'll turn your blood to ice. :D


  1. Also replenishment, replenishment, replenishment!

    Our guild is dinky and has no shadow priests, no destro locks, and 1 retridin.

    We would fall upon a frost mage with ... y'know ... love and appreciation.

    So, yes, more love for frost mages!