Saturday, June 5, 2010

Soloing Northrend: Gundrak


You start off at the top of a long and totally unnecessary staircase that leads down into a pool of water. Jump. Even if you miss the water, the fall won't kill you, and that is what Tranquility is for. You'll come to a small ledge with two snakes on it.

Cat up and prowl past them, down into the Pit of Indiana Jones' Worst Nightmares. Ignore the patrolling snakes, and get yourself all the way over to the altar and Slad'ran. If you fight him at the very edge of the water, you don't need to worry about aggroing the snakes, although the ones he summons are sort of annoying. Snake Wrap is scary mean. Kill the snakes as fast as you can, and don't do the fight in cat like I did (and died). Pop Barkskin if you do get Snake Wrapped to minimize the damage.

Fudge. I died again. How is this happening?

Ok. Blow all your freaking cooldowns. Or, alternatively, kill the freaking trash in the room and pull him up the stairs.


The trash killed me. :(

Ok. Crowd control. Yeah.

Mutter mutter stupid snakes mutter mutter 20 gold mutter mutter mutter.

Oh. $%#&.

Ok. Buff food, drums, self buffs...


Ok. Ok. No more damn snake boss. Drakkari Colossus. That should be easier.

I refuse to use a Flask of Stoneblood. This should not be this hard. Don't stand in puddles, burn the boss....mmmk. Let's see how this goes...

#$^%. It pulls the trash. /sigh


I give up. /sniffle

If you do manage to solo this confounded place, especially Slad'ran, let me know how you did it. He and I have unfinished business to attend to...


  1. I finally got around to doing this yesterday. Frapsed and everything.

    Didn't realize the free version of Fraps only lets you record for 30 seconds...

    I'll have to try again after I pay for a reg key. But it is possible!

  2. I haven't noticed this comment for something like 4 months. Super fail.