Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The New Random Dungeon Feature: What It Didn't Account For

The scene, Halls of Lightning. The players, Eyowyn, a DK, a hunter, a priest, and the tank who left so fast that I didn't see his class.

I sighed and reuqueued us, only to have that $%^&#$ the priest refuse over and over again. He smugly informed us that he was waiting for the rest of us to leave, because then he wouldn't get the debuff.

Then mentioned, offhandedly, that WG was about to start.

$%^&hole. I was all for sticking it out and working on Loremaster, but I do actually did WG marks. So, seething with hate, I left.

And it's going to be counted against me in kicking idiots like him.



  1. I can't stand people like that. I'd be tempted to kick them and get a new healer (and tank) and continue on without them. But I don't like kicking people either.

    It's a good point though, I never thought of that being a problem. Maybe they should just auto-queue you if someone drops group within 1 minute of the dungeon starting (or even later on). While some dungeons can be completed with less than 3 dps for sure - a healer and tank are kind of mandatory.

    Personally I think I should get a special "kick asshat" option that only I can use and which gives them a 1 hour debuff that says "I'm an asshat and that's why I can't queue".

  2. I like it!

    But I want one too!