Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Blizzard Writing Competition

Remember the intro I posted yesterday? That story, about Hiemalis' background and the flight of the draenei from Draenor is going to be my entry for the competition!

It's very exciting. I've written about seven pages for it so far, but I'm already planning everything out. There's a lot of lore holes for what happened to the draenei civilization after Shattrath and before the blood elves fought them for Tempest Keep and its satellites and the Exodar fled. I'm trying to avoid them as best I can, but in some cases I'm just blatantly going to make it up :D

How about you? Are you excited about the writing competition? Are you planning on entering?

On a separate note, I love the emblem pinata Frost Lord Ahune. I only need a few more emblems to get my set bonus for Eyowyn. I also won a BOE that dropped in my last ICC25. I didn't realize it was one until I tried to equip it. Now, unfortunately, I'm stuck with a difficult choice: it's an upgrade to my bracers, but only by a tiny bit, and it's worth something upwards of 5000 gold on the AH. Decisions, decisions. I recently bought some Deathfrost Boots on the AH for about 6000 gold. It was a great upgrade, and now little Eyowyn is pushing 5.5k gearscore, and a respectable DPS. I'm tempted to try out fire, or arcane again, to see if I could boost my DPS, but I love my Water Elemental (Bubbles) too much to give him up for good.

I finally got to replace my 219 cloak with the 232 one Ahune drops. Now my lowest iLevel is 232 :D

You know what? I think I am going to go play around with fire/arcane a little bit. See y'all later!

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  1. Good luck in the Writing Contest! :)

    I won't enter myself, I've never been able to successfully write a WoW story, despite trying my hand at some fanfiction. But I envy the people that do manage :)

    I like your writing, so I hope you'll do well!