Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hey there, folks. I know you don't remember who I am anymore.
Too bad, because I have a post!
My guild is doing a project I dubbed W.O.L F., Worgen Offensive Lethality Force, where we roll worgen rogues, get them to level 15, then exp lock them and twink them. It is pretty awesome. There's my girl, Umber, and 8 other worgies. All subtlety specced. 8 shadow steps plus 8 boosted ambushes equals a whole lot of dead Horde.
We found a great website to use to help us twink our rogues out.
Linkage love goes to Shadowpanther, for his rogue twink armor guide.
Little Umber, at level 15, has 1000 health and 50% dodge. Oh yes :D.

We all unlocked when we had all the gear we could get, engineering at 150, and mining/skinning at 225. We tried out Warsong Gulch, but I like Arathi Basin better. Umber got Wrecking Ball there.

Happy New Year, people :) It's good to see you all again.

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