Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today Has Been an Amazing Day

Today has been more than Cataclysmically Superior. I'm writing this with tears of geeky, geeky joy in my eyes.

I love my tank, Laia, more than almost all my other characters. She's tanked through most of ICC. She's poked C'thun in the eye (20 levels higher :D) and mauled Ragnaros the Firelord.

But today....well....

Now I know that we're all 85, so this doesn't give me any excuse to brag.

Get it?

Today I spent five minutes dancing around my computer room in joy.
Because today, my tank became Laia the Kingslayer.

Oh, it was fabulous. A full group of level 85s and we still wiped 3 times :D
This is the first time I've ever done an expansion. Killed the final boss and danced on his corpse. Never before have I even been able to go into raids.
I've fought Arthas before, on Eyowyn, and suffered terrible repair bills at his hands. But it was so great to actually beat the fight, to get the achievement and wear the title that "everyone" has.

This afternoon my guild went back to BWL to get one of our star hunters Chromaggus as a pet. She thought he was cute, or something.
I can't see it. He looks like a misshapen clump of purple dirt to me.
But, eh. So next awesome part of the day...we went raiding again!

And finally, I've raved about my twink Umber. She's a Subtlety rogue, specced to deliver swift and painless death to as many Horde as she can.
I want the Bloodthirsty title for her! She's almost got 3000 honor kills (don't mock) and she's not even level 22 yet :D
But today, I got an achievement I didn't think I could get.
An achievement I've only gotten on my shaman, Hiemalis, when she once roamed the BGs in her 30s.

Have you ever had any WoW days where everything seems to go the way you want it to be?

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