Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spellstealing Utgarde Pinnacle

My guild boomkin transferred his DK tank over to our server today, and I've been running heroics with him and Tiglath of Super-Haelz ever since. For our first dungeon, we got Utgarde Pinnacle.
The first three bosses fall, easy peasy, and we get to the nastiest trash mobs in the dungeons; the beserkers, dusk shaman, and necromancers. We start fighting, and one of the dusk shaman kneels down to change into a wolf. A little buff icon appears for him, titled Lycanthropy, and it's highlighted in yellow which means that it's spellstealable.

"Speallsteallable?" I say to myself, and so I do. Eyowyn promptly kneels down, surrounded by purple fog and poof!-turns into a big grey wolf.

It only lasts for 12 seconds but boy it's freaking awesome.

Brought to you by Eyowyn and Co.

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